Profitability Calculator

How to use it

Estimating Riecoin earnings is very difficult, unless you run your miner during a really long time. This profitability calculator allows you to estimate how many Riecoins you would earn.

For this, you will need to fix a difficulty, and then do a Benchmark with rieMiner↗️ (version must be at least 0.9β3.1).

It will give you the required block(s)/day metric to calculate your earnings.



Sample Standard Benchmark values

More current results Coming Soon. In block(s)/day. Difficulty 1600, Sieve 2^31.

How it works

rieMiner estimates the block(s) found per day speed while benchmarking from the number s of primes (1-tuples) found per s and the ratio r between the 1-tuples/s and 2-tuples/s find rate. It was empirically determined that the ratios do not depend whether it is this one or the 5 to 6-tuples/s one instead, so we can extrapolate fairly easily the number bpd1 of blocks found per day for the testing difficulty d1: bpd1 = 86400*s/r^5.

Then, the calculator