Welcome to my personal website related to Riecoin! It will be completed with time...

Getting Started with Riecoin:


If you have or are mining a lot of RIC, please don't sell at these absurd prices. Riecoin is way undervalued, and it will only harm everyone including yourself by crashing the price, as the volume is so low. Just wait that the price recovers. ziiip and dga allocated some funds for listing in new exchanges, which will help to provide liquidity to RIC markets and make the price return to normal. Riecoin was way healtier before Poloniex froze the wallets, and that exchange deserves to be boycotted.


I promise that there are no viruses or whatever in the files... If some stupid antivirus say so, please fire disable it temporarily, or configure it to whitelist the files.

File list
Riecoin Qt 0.16.3 (commit e16c1349a, WIn64)exe (Win64) (48.590323 MB)2018-10-159ab4de61edd1de7795f0915ea4122736
Riecoin Qt 0.16.3 (commit e16c1349a, Deb64)exe (Deb64) (160.050248 MB)2018-10-15d51b4151484211877633ae907f0732b1
Sample riecoin.conf configuration file for Riecoinconf (266 B)2018-10-21e610102b0426c041e4827584ac5b6acf
Blockchain for Riecoin Core 0.16.3 up to block 973563.zip (912.596193 MB)2018-10-218856c8420ce96e32ecf5abb299064848
Blockchain for Riecoin Core 0.10.2 up to block 973561.zip (842.872142 MB)2018-10-21e141948a552d9bceef4eb8df75bd36d8
rieMiner 0.9β3 source codezip (46.335 kB)2018-11-12cbfd5e272cc48a3181bf12cdefaf2687
rieMiner 0.9β3 Win64 standalone executableexe (Win64) (4.125949 MB)2018-11-126911f9fe1e4cb7fb17ad60a6e75e3473

Riecoin Core 0.16.3 compiled with OpenSsl 1.0 and Db5.3 in Debian 9. Also cross compiled in Debian 9 for Windows x64.


Someone donated 22370.0399 RIC, whoever you are, thank you so much. I will do my best to contribute for the Riecoin Community and its awesome project.