Getting Started

Wanting to start using Riecoin and taking part of its community? To contribute? Here are some instructions for beginners.

Get and set your wallet

Right now, the official wallet is Riecoin Core 0.10.2 (based on Bitcoin Core 0.10.2 code), which is really old, but at least it still works fine. Recently, the community is working on developing a new wallet, using the Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 code.

If you are not an expert, you should use the current 0.10.2 version. For advanced users, if you want to use something up to date, use Riecoin Core 0.16.3. Keep in mind that this version is very experimental and has a few important issues. But, you can this way help us by reporting problems, and you will contribute to the transition to the new version. There also exist a Webwallet maintained by Cryptapus if you want something that is really easy and quick to use. In the following link, you will find the instructions for all the three options.

Get and Set a Riecoin Wallet.

Get Riecoins

Now that you are ready to use Riecoin, you may want to get some coins.

A faucet exists and will give you instantly a few Riecoins :D ! You can thank Cryptapus again for providing his faucet↗️. Type your address and solve the captchas, and you will get almost 0,1 RIC to play with. You can come back every 24 hours.

Else, you can buy Riecoins in Zapple↗️, the only Riecoin exchange currently. Create an account there and start trading.

You can also mine Riecoins, it is really easy: Start Mining with rieMiner.

Riecoin mining used to be very profitable until Poloniex unacceptable actions of freezing their RIC wallet during months without any reason and then delisting it pretending that the volume was not enough, which crashed severely the price, which still has to recover. But you should give Riecoin a chance and mine anyway, at least just for fun, and for helping the network. I also propose a profitability calculator.

If you have or are mining a lot of RIC, please don't sell at these absurd prices. Riecoin is way undervalued, and it will only harm everyone including yourself by crashing the price, as the volume is so low. Just wait that the price recovers. ziiip and dga allocated some funds for listing in new exchanges, which will help to provide liquidity to RIC markets and make the price return to normal. Riecoin was way healtier before Poloniex froze the wallets, and that exchange deserves to be boycotted.


Enjoying using Riecoin? Something missing? Having ideas to spread the Riecoin use? Needing help? You can discuss about Riecoin:

The Riecoin Community thanks you for your interest in Riecoin.