Getting Started

Wanting to start using Riecoin and taking part of its community? To contribute? Here are some instructions for beginners.

Why choose Riecoin and mine RIC rather than other coins

The process of money creation in Bitcoin and any other Proof of Work based altcoin involves mining, i. e. every computer in the Bitcoin network that contribute to make the network secure by checking and confirming transactions must constantly solve a given problem. Once a while, someone will finally find a solution, and submit it to everyone in the network; if it is valid, it is added in the blockchain. This is a heavy task, that consumes a lot of energy.

Now, we can ask, what is the problem? We need to consume that energy anyway to make the network secure, and the more miners are working, the more robust is the network. The computing power of miners supporting the Bitcoin network is much higher than any Supercomputer. Imagine if we could use these resources for science!

For Bitcoin, the problem that miners are solving to produce blocks is basically generating hashes until one mets some criterion. Pretty useless, no? Most altcoins are also using similar hashing problems to solve.

Riecoin is different and proposes a network that is not only as secure as Bitcoin, but whose mining produce useful scientific solutions and not useless hashes. Miners are looking for prime↗️ constellations↗️ instead. These prime numbers are of interest to mathematicians and the scientific community, and many people are even competing each other to beat world records of who found the constellations with the largest prime numbers!

This way, Riecoin provides both an innovative decentralized payment network, and a lot of computing power for science!

And that is not all, mining is done using a CPU! No Asic monopoly, and finally something different than all those GPU coins. Everyone can join and mine to support the network and earn coins in return :D !

Convinced? Let's go!

Get and set your wallet

The wallet used to be Riecoin Core 0.10.2 (based on Bitcoin Core 0.10.2 code), which is now obsolete.

The community actively worked on a new wallet, and updated it using the Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 code, which is now the reference version.

There also exists a Webwallet maintained by Cryptapus if you want something that is really easy and quick to use. In the following link, you will find the instructions for both current options.

Get and Set a Riecoin Wallet.

Riecoin Qt 0.16.3

Get Riecoins

Now that you are ready to use Riecoin, you may want to get some coins.

A faucet exists and will give you instantly a few Riecoins :D ! You can thank Cryptapus again for providing his faucet↗️. Type your address and solve the captchas, and you will get almost 0,1 RIC to play with. You can come back every 24 hours.

Else, you can buy Riecoins in Zapple↗️, the only Riecoin exchange currently. Create an account there and start trading.

You can also mine Riecoins, it is really easy: Start Mining with rieMiner.

Riecoin mining used to be very profitable until Poloniex unacceptable actions of freezing their RIC wallet during months without any reason and then delisting it pretending that the volume was not enough, which crashed severely the price, which still has to recover. But you should give Riecoin a chance and mine anyway, at least just for fun, and for helping the network. I also propose a profitability calculator.


Enjoying using Riecoin? Something missing? Having ideas to spread the Riecoin use? Needing help? You can discuss about Riecoin:

The Riecoin Community thanks you for your interest in Riecoin.