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I promise that there are no viruses or whatever in the files... If some stupid antivirus say so, please fire disable it temporarily, or configure it to whitelist the files.

File list
Riecoin Qt 0.16.3 (built by cryptapus via Gitian, Win64)exe (Win64) (33.840671 MB)2019-01-25ba24b4eba38943c73542e18293c8c0a8
Riecoin Qt 0.16.3 (built by cryptapus via Gitian, Deb64)exe (Deb64) (35.224568 MB)2019-01-250772972b69c4123712a20e2ac46a827c
Blockchain for Riecoin Core 0.16.3 up to block 1019150.zip (977.488873 MB)2019-01-095fb84fe6a566a63f8c5a745578dbda0d
rieMiner 0.9 source codezip (117.794 kB)2018-12-154ae204853e02146be541739cff166548
rieMiner 0.9 Manualpdf (139.723 kB)2019-03-13998c19a7198aede7aef014e6b89b8ac7
rieMiner 0.9, Win64 (x86-64) standalone executableexe (Win64) (1.692672 MB)2018-12-15dd2251742693a42c5b2af4b2f8421aa1
rieMiner 0.9L, Win32 (i586) standalone executableexe (Win32) (1.804302 MB)2018-12-15e8f05c43636fd40fa79da0587806e580
rieMiner 0.9, almost standalone Deb64 (core2) executableexe (Deb64) (1.725464 MB)2018-12-158c2d620d1dab48f610f9a09fff1fba06
rieMiner 0.9L, almost standalone Deb32 (i586) executableexe (Deb32) (2.06826 MB)2018-12-15dfb5354b3849ff3802b3a005ecddefa0

Latest Riecoin Core releases available here↗️.

rieMiner binaries should be entirely portable for Windows. On Linux, rieMiner was built in Debian 9, and there are a few things like Glibc that were not statically linked, though it will at least work on a Debian 9 fresh install. L versions are without assembly nor precomputed data optimizations.


Someone donated 22370.0399 RIC, whoever you are, thank you so much.
Thank you vidarn for the 609.74450683 RIC donation :D !